ICO Round-5 Sold Out!

We are delighted to inform you that all allocated PML tokens for the Round-5 of ICO were sold out! We appreciate the investors for their trust on our platform. Round-6 will start on 26.Mar.2018

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Round-5 Sold Out!

Round-6 Starts In

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

750,000 Tokens
1 PML = $0.80 | 1 ETH = 750 PML

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How to Buy


1 PML = $0.80

1 ETH = 750 PML




Address 0xb27CE1f6274af03318053bb31800D4cE3d16F655
Symbol PML
Decimal 18
Name PrimeLend Token

1. Calculate Price

Select the amount of tokens you are ready to purchase. The price for Round-1 of ICO is $0.50. So, if you want to buy 1,000 PML, you will need to send $500 equivalant of Ether. Since the Ether/USD price varies, you may want to calculate the current price using the calculator above.

2. Send Ether

Once you are done calculating the price, send the equivalant Ether amount to our ICO smart contract address below. DO NOT send Ether from your exchange wallet such as Coinbase or Bittrex. We recommend either MyEtherWallet.com or MetaMask wallet.

3. Receive PML

If you have successfully sent Ether to our smart contract address, your PML tokens will be delivered instantly to your Ethereum wallet. You can add it to MyEtherWallet.com, Metamask or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet using the token information above.

PrimeLend ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of PrimeLend is an exciting opportunity for the investors to avail PML at an incredible rate. During the ICO period, PML will be sold at a price from as low as $0.50 per PML. We predict this price will be increased many times by the time our lending program and trading exchange starts.

Why Invest in PrimeLend ICO

ERC-20 Token

PML is built on Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Not only it makes your investment secure or private, it also ensures complete transparancy.

Instant Token Delivery

The ICO smart contract will automatically send PML to you soon as you make your pruchase. It means no waiting time to get token in your wallet.

Limited Supply

Only eight million PML will be issued and ever exist to keep the demand high. Majority of the tokens will be sold during the ICO.

Incredible Price

You can buy PML at an incredible price of only fifty cents during the ICO. This is the lowest ever price that you van avail PML for.

Tradable in Exchanges

PML will be enlisted at least in 4 external exchanges by 2018. So you don't have to solely depend on our internal exchange for trading.

Concrete Business Plan

A well defined roadmap with milestones and goals to achieve, will ensure that your investment in PML will be successful in the long run.

ICO Schedule

PrimeLend ICO will start on 25th February and tokens will be sold in eight rounds. Only 750,000 PML tokens will be sold in each round. During the ICO sale, you can purchase only through Ether. Please check the FAQ section on how you can participate in the ICO.

Round Price Time Token
Round-1 $0.50 SOLD OUT 750,000
Round-2 $0.55 SOLD OUT 750,000
Round-3 $0.60 SOLD OUT 750,000
Round-4 $0.65 SOLD OUT 750,000
Round-5 $0.70 SOLD OUT 750,000
Round-6 $0.80 26 Mar - 31 Mar 750,000
Round-7 $0.90 03 Apr - 08 Apr 750,000
Round-8 $1.00 11 Apr - 16 Apr 750,000

All token sale rounds will start and end at 16:00 GMT on the respective day.

Participate in ICOStart Earning Your Profit!

Token Info

Name PrimeLend Token
Symbol PML
Decimal 18
Algorithm ERC-20
Maximum Supply 8,000,000 (Eight Million)
ICO Allocation 6,000,000 (Six Million)
Opening Price $0.50

Token Distribution

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 75%
Private Sale 10%
Development & Operation 8%
Marketing & Affiliates 5%
Team 2%

Private Sale

Private sale is conducted for the early investors. We reached several institutional and personal investors as we were developing our platform and volatility algorithm. And we received firm commitment from several of them regarding their investment when we are ready to launch. All those interested parties will get the first opportunity to invest at a lucrative price along with bonus tokens during the private sale phase. It will help us to cover a small portion of the time and energy we have spent to develop our platform. The private sale will take place from the 17th-23rd February, 2018.

However, we are determined to keep the interest of our ICO investors and that is why the private sale is capped to 800,000 PML tokens only, which is just 10% of the total tokens. The ICO investors will still have control over the total supply of PML token as 75% of the tokens will be sold during the main sale.

UPDATE: 22.Feb.2018 The private sale was successfully completed and all allocated PML tokens were sold out in under 4 days. A total of 800,000 PML tokens were sold and ETH 204.99 ($174,241) was raised during the pivate sale. Our sincerest gratitude to the investors who have shown their trust on us. This will give us a lot of encouragement to move forward.

What is PrimeLend

PrimeLend is a decentralized, secure and transparent investment platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain. It provides diverse investment opportunities in form of term-lending, stake holding and crypto exchange. PML, the PrimeLend currency, is the fuel for all services. PML is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and followed the ERC-20 standard to ensure security, privacy and compatibility.

Read Whitepaper View Token Contract



We have a transparent token issuance policy and our lending platform is built on Ethereum blockchain. Your investment will be traceable.


Once the PML is issued and circulated, there is no central authority to control it. The demand of PML would set the price autonomously.

Built on ERC-20

PML, the PrimeLend currency, is developed using the ERC-20 standard to ensure compatibility with wallets and exchanges.

Secure & Private

Transactions made in internal or external exchanges and transactions between users are completely secure and private.

Wallet Service

PrimeLend will offer a state-of-the-art wallet service for PML. The wallet will be available for web, PC, Mac, iPhone and android devices.

PrimeLend Debit Card

PrimeLend card will be available to our investors for convenient conversion of PML to fiat currency of their choice.

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Investment at PrimeLend

PrimeLend offers 3 distinctive investment opportunities for the investors. Earn profit by lending, exchanging or staking.
We Borrow, You Earn


If you are looking for an investment scheme that really pays you well, look nowhere else. Our lending schemes are extremely flexible and per month pays up to 56% return on your investment!

Profit from Crypto Exchange


Trade PML against all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. in our internal exchange. We will offer the best price for our currency to ensure maximum return for you.

Profit from Holding PML


If you own some PML, staking could be an easy option to earn more. Simply hold PML in your PrimeLend wallet for certain period and fresh PML will be minted for your at an exciting rate.

Earn upto 56% per month!

PrimeLend offers the most incredible interest rate for lending schemes! Join Now


PrimeLend lending program is an incredible opportunity for the investors to make great profit. Our lending schemes offer an icredible rate for your investment. It goes up to as high as 56% per month. It means you can double your capital in less than 60 days!

The lending process is very simple and instant. You need to buy PML, our lending currency, to join the lending program. You can buy PML at a super low price during the ICO and both from our site and exchanges after the ICO. So, register for a PrimeLend account, deposit PML in your wallet and lend on your preferred scheme. Then sit back and relax while you watch the interest is accumulated in your account EVERYDAY!

PrimeLend Lending Tiers

Investment Amount Interest (Daily) Interest (Monthly) Captial Release
$100-$1,000 V.I.+0.05% Upto 56% 175 Days
$1,001-$5,000 V.I+0.10% Upto 56% 150 Days
$5,001-$1,0000 V.I.+0.20% Upto 56% 110 Days
$10,001-$50,000 V.I.+0.30% Upto 56% 90 Days
$50,000-Above V.I.+0.35% Upto 56% 60 Days

Join Now

Earn Upto 56% Per Month

Instant Withdrawals

Daily Profit Payouts

Multiple Lending Tiers

Auto Interest Reinvestment

Bonus with interest


PrimeLend Exchange is a full featured secure crypto-exchange, focused on the trading of PML with other crypto-currencies. Use the market volatility to exchange PML with all major crypto-currencies to earn great profit. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be initially available for trading against PML, while we will add other crypto-currencies as we progress.


Staking program helps you to earn rewards just by holding PML in your PrimeLend wallet. This is a web-based staking program. You can stake any amount of PML you want. The longer you hold, the more you earn. Minimum holding period for staking is 14 days. You can join any time and withdraw whenever you want. Once you terminate stake, your stake amount will be unlocked immediately and reward will be added to your account. You can make instant withdrawals. The staking program will start with a monthly rate of 8% and will gradually decrease.

Period Interest Rate (Monthly)
Apr 2018 - Sep 2018 8%
Oct 2018 - Mar 2019 6%
Apr 2019 - Sep 2019 4%
Oct 2019 - Mar 2020 3%
Apr 2020 - Sep 2020 2%
Oct 2020 - Mar 2021 1%


A detailed and precise outline of PrimeLend services. Find all the technical details and our complete business plan. We tried to explain every what we are trying to achieve. But we also understand that you may have some inquiries that are not answered in whitepaper or in our site. In those cases, please feel free to contact us using the form in the slide panel on the right.

Download Whitepaper

PrimeLend Roadmap

PrimeLend has a very definite objective and here we are determined to achieve the milestones we have set in our roadmap. The roadmap is our guide and the milestones will keep us right on our route.


Start of Development

20, March

The Volatility Algorithm development started with a goal to finish off in six months.

Algorithm Implementation

04, October

After about seven months of continuous developments, the volatility algorithm was successfully implemented.

Lending Platform Development

11, November

After the successful implementation of volatility algorithm, the development work started for the crypto-lending platform.

Exchange Development

27, December

The development work for PrimeLend internal exchange started. Initial objective is to create exchange function of PML against Bitcoin, Ether and LiteCoin.


Beta Release for Lending Platform

30, January

The PrimeLend Lneding platform's first beta was released for extensive testing and bug tracking.

ICO Starts

25, February

The main sale of PML tokens will start with the ICO. There will be eight rounds of sale spread across 35 days.

Lending Platform Launch

01, May

After the completion of the ICO, PrimeLend Lending platform will be launched for all token holders.

Staking Platform Launch

08, May

The staking platform will be launched soon after the lending program launching.

Internal Exchange Launch

15, May

The internal exchange for trading PML against all majo crypto-currencies will be launched.

Price Target Milestone 1

15, May

We are targeting a price of $4-$7 for PML as the exchange trading starts.

Enlistment in Exchange

30, May

PML will be enlisted with at least 2 external exchanges for trading. Primary target is CoinExchange and EtherDelta.

Price Target Milestone 2

30, April

We are targeting a price of $40-$50 for PML as trading starts in external exchange.

Wallet Launch

06, August

PrimeLend wallet will be launched for both web and desktop.

Wallet Launch for Mobile

28, August

The PrimeLend wallet for mobile devices will belaunched. Wallet app will be available for both Android and iPhone.

Enlistment in Exchange

25, September

PML will be enlisted in two more external exchanges and at least in four exchanges in total. We are targeting enlistment in Cryptopia and LiveCoin.


Debit Card Launch

30, January

The PrimeLend debit card will be launched for all users to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide.

Price Target Milestone 3

31, January

At this point, we will be targeting a price of $80-$100 per PML as all our services will be operational in full flow.

New Roadmap

01, February

A new roadmap will be announced for PrimeLend.

Affiliate Program

PrimeLend is offering an exciting affiliate program which has potential to earn through referrals. Every registered user in PrimeLend has his own unique referral URL. If anyone registers through your referral URL and invest in our lending or staking schemes, you can earn up to 7% of the first time investment amount. I.E. a referral of yours invest $10,000 equivalent of PML in our lending program, which entitles you to earn $700. The refferal reward will be paid through PML but can be converted into BTC or ETH from our exchange. And the best bit is that, up to 5 level of referrals can help you to earn your reward. We have created a handful materials in user panel that you can use to promote the campaign.

Become an Affiliate

Level Referral Earning
Level-1 7%
Level-2 4%
Level-3 3%
Level-4 2%
Level-5 1%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have gathered a sereies of most frequestly asked questions here. If you cannot find an answer to your question or have further inquiries, feel free contact us here or in our telegram, twitter or facebook page.

ICO (8)

When does the ICO start and when does it end?
The PrimeLend ICO will start on 25th February, 2018 at 16:00 GMT. The ICO will be spread across eight rounds. There will be a pause of 24 hours after each round. You can find the ICO schedule in the ICO section of our website. The ICO will end on 31st March 2018.
What payment methods do you accept?
During the ICO, we will only be accepting Ether. However, once we start our lending program and internal exchange, you should be able to buy using Bitcoin, LiteCoin and fiat money.
Where should I send Ether to participate in ICO?
Our Ethereum wallet address will be published in the site during the ICO. Please visit your user panel to find the address.
How do I calculate the amount of Ether should I send?
There will be a calculator in your user panel during the ICO period to help you calculate your purchase amount in Ether against USD. The calculator will calculate Ether price in real time to ensure that you pay only the right amount of Ether and nothing more.
How much PML token can I purchase during the ICO
At this moment there is no limit on the amount of PML tokens you can purchase. However, there may be a limit on the amount of token you can purchase in a single transaction.
Which wallet should I use to send Ether?
We strongly recommend that you use MyEtherWallet.com or Metamask to send Ether. DO NOT send Ether from your exchange wallet such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex etc. otherwise your Ether will be lost.
What should be the gas configuration to send Ether?
While sending Ether, please make sure you are sending at least 200,000 GAS and 60 GWEI. Any unused gas will be returned to you by the contract.
When and how do I receive my PML?
If your Ether is sent to our wallet successfully, PML will be delivered to you by the smart contract automatically and instantly. You can use MyEtherWallet.com or Metamask to add PML token to your wallet.

About PrimeLend (5)

Who are the people behind PrimeLend?
PrimeLend was founded by a group of people who have been hugely successful in their respective field. There are investment experts and the development team who collaborated to develop and maintain the PrimeLend volatility Algorithm. There is also a core management team with expertise in conducting large scale project and they ensure that we are right on our track.
What is PrimeLend Volatility Algorithm?
PrimeLend Volatility Algorithm is an automated trading application for the financial market. It was developed jointly by our investment and data experts after months of research and hard work. The best bit is that we have been working continuously keep the system updated with the ever changing financial market to ensure financial security for our investors.
How PrimeLend is different from other lending programs?
We believe we are far more transparent than most other lending companies. We have developed our currency on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure complete transparency of transactions.
What is your token issuance policy?
We have a very transparent token issuance policy. The amount of PML that will ever be issued is limited to eight million only. Of which, 85% will be sold to the public in form of ICO and private sale. The token holders will always be in control, not us. You can find the token distribution chart in the ICO section of our website.
What is your growth plan?
We are here to stay for the long run. We have a well-defined roadmap for the whole year and as we progress, we will announce a fresh plan at the beginning of the next year.

Investment in PrimeLend (8)

How does the Lending program work?
In short, we borrow from you, reinvest it and then share the profit with you. PML is the currency of PrimeLend Lending program. We invest your fund through our PrimeLend Volatility Algorithm, which has an extremely high percantage for successful trades.
How can you offer such a high rate of return?
Simple answer is, we do not keep everything in our wallet. Our skilled trading experts and our Volatility Algorithm ensures almost certain very high return on investment. We just share the majority of the profit with you that is earned through your fund.
How much money can I invest in Lending program?
You can invest as little as $100 in the lending program. There is no upper limit for investment. We have 5 different lending tiers based on your investment amount with varying interest rate and capital release period.
What is the volatility interest (V.I.)?
This is the rate which you earn against your invested amount. The volatility interest is paid on a daily basis and paid daily. Please note that this rate changes depending on the profit we make everyday. You can find the V.I. rate of any given day in our website when the lending program starts.
What is the capital release period?
Every lending scheme has a capital release period that varies. This is the period for which your investment stake will be locked. You can only withdraw your fund invested in the lending program after the capital release date.
How often can I withdraw my lending interest?
You can withdraw your profit EVERYDAY. Interest is credited to your account along with any applicable bonus at the end of the day. And unlike some other investment programs, we will NEVER hold your withdrawals.
How can I be benefitted from the Staking program?
Staking program requires you to hold PML in your PrimeLend web wallet for certain period and earn reward for holding. The rewarding rate is determined with the time. You can find the schedule in our website under the investment section.
When does the exchange open for trading?
We are determined to open our internal exchange on 7th April 2018. Also, we will be enlisting PML in at least two external exchanges by 24th April, 2018. You can find all the crucial milestone targets in the roadmap section of our site.

Affiliate Program (5)

How can I earn from the affiliate program?
PrimeLend affiliate program can be a great source to earn just by referring others. Once someone you referred signs up and invest in our lending or staking scheme, we will reward you with a portion of their investment.
How much can I earn being an affiliate at PrimeLend?
The refferal bonus goes up as high as 7%. So, if one of your direct referral user invest $10,000, you are entitled with a reward of $700. You can withdraw your affiliate earning in BTC, ETH or PML.
What are the affiliate levels?
We want to reward you for your referrals. That is why you earn rewards for purchase made by referrals up to five level. The reward percentage varies according to the level and you can find the chart under the affiliate section of our website.
How do you track my referrals?
Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will have your own unique referral url. If anyone visits our site through your referral url, a cookie with a duration of 30-days is created in that users device. So, if he signs up within that 30-day period, he becomes your referral.
Do I have to invest to become an affiliate?
The affiliate program is absolutely free to join and requires no investment or purchase. Just sign up in our site and in the user management panel, you will see your affiliate statistic, url and rewards. We have also gathered a handful of promotional materials in the resource section that you can use to boost your earning.